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Q. What is the orientation class on the first day?

During the orientation class, you will meet the master and be introduced to the concept of Taekwondo. We will also assess your needs as a student.


Q. What is the group trial class?

The group trial class is a chance for students to experience a typical class and see if they want to continue training with us.


Q. I have experience in Taekwondo. Do I still need to attend the trial class?

Yes, attending the trial class can help you understand the differences in our program and decide if it is the right fit for you.


Q. I have experience in other martial arts. Should I start from the white belt?

We will assess your skills and place you in the appropriate belt level.


Q. Can we switch from a twice-a-week plan to a once-a-week plan?

Yes, you can switch your plan anytime.


Q. What is the process for canceling our enrollment?

You can cancel anytime by notifying us via text or email.


Q. What is the dress code for class?

You can wear a Taekwondo uniform or our school t-shirt.


Q. Are there makeup classes if we miss a class?

Yes, makeup classes are held on Fridays at 5:10 pm.


Q. What happens if we miss a week or more due to vacation or surgery?

You can attend makeup classes to make up for the missed classes.


Q. When can a student begin wearing sparring gear?

The age and belt color of the student determine when they can begin wearing sparring gear. For example, a 6-year-old can begin wearing sparring gear when they reach the purple belt level. 7-year-old: green, over 8-year-old: orange.


Q. Where can we purchase sparring gear?

You can buy sparring gear at our school or online, such as Amazon.


Q. What should I do if my child is crying during class?

We ask that students who are crying leave the class and attend a makeup class at a later time.


Q. Who is not eligible to participate in class?

Students who are not mature enough to follow instructions, such as those who leave class to use the restroom or who do not listen to directions, cannot participate.


Q. What if my child has ADD or autism?

We do not have specialized staff for these conditions, but we will try our best to accomodate your child's needs. 


Q. Can I help my child if they are struggling with something in class?

No, we encourage independence and discipline in Taekwondo, so we ask that parents do not intervene during class.


Q. What should I do if my child loses interest in Taekwondo?

If your child loses interest, we suggest taking a break and contacting us when they are ready to return. We believe that attending class with a lack of enthusiasm does not benefit the student and can negatively impact the energy of the other students.


Q. What are the requirements for belt testing?

To be eligible for belt testing, students must have full attendance, know the definitions, and perform the current and lower belt forms with correct stances, impact kicking and punching, and board breaking.


Q. What time can we arrive for class?

We recommend arriving 10 minutes early.


Q. My child knows their forms, what should they focus on next?

Congratulations to your child! They should now work on fixing their stances and practicing the form at the same speed as the rest of the group. Proper stances show an organized mind through action, and it is important to complete forms correctly.


Q. Is there a family discount?

Yes, the second member receives a $20 discount, and the third member receives a $40 discount off the original price.

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